SEER Training Modules

"Different" Malignant Neoplasms

Figure 25. Groups of Malignant Neoplasms Considered to Be Histologically "Different" for the Purpose of Defining Multiple Tumors (adapted from Berg, 1994) (24)

1. Squamous carcinomas M-805—M-808, M-812, M-813
2. Basal cell carcinomas M-809—M-811
3. Adenocarcinomas M-814, M-816, M-819—M-822, M-826—M-833
M-835—M-855, M-857, M-894
4. Other specific carcinomas M-803, M-804, M-815, M-817, M-818
M-823—M-825, M-834, M-856, M-858—M-867
5.* Unspecified carcinomas M-801, M-802
6. Sarcomas and soft tissue tumors M-868—M-871, M-880—M-892, M-899, M-904
M-912, M-913, M-915—M-925, M-937,
7. Lymphomas M-959—M-972
8. Leukemia M-980—M-994, M-995, M-996, M-998
9. Kaposi sarcoma M-914
10. Mesothelioma M-905
11. Other specified types of cancer M-872—M-879, M-893, M-895—M-898,
M-900—M-903, M-906—M-911,
M-926—M-936, M-938—M-953,
M-973—M-975, M-976
12.* Unspecified types of cancer M-800, M-997