SEER Training Modules

Multiple Primaries & Histology Coding Rules Project Timeline

  • Committee formed January 2003
    • Videoconferences 2003-2006
  • Beta testing of rules started September 2004
  • Concept presented to NAACCR Registry Operations Committee January 2005
  • Presentations to CoC Clinical Advisory Panels started February 2005
  • Statistical impact meetings started April 2005
  • SEER Workshop at NCRA April 2005
  • Decision to delay implementation to 2007 made June 2005
  • Train the Trainers Workshop September 2005
  • Planning for 2006 field studies began during last quarter of 2005
  • Developed protocol October 2005
  • Selected participants November 2005
    • Hospital
    • Central Registry
  • Training participants January 2006
  • Field study conducted February 2006
  • Tabulation/evaluation of field study and reliability study results April 2006
  • Revision of MP/H materials May 2006
  • Publication of final materials July 2006
  • Additional training materials published on web
  • Train the Trainers Workshop II August 2006
  • Implementation planned for cases diagnosed January 1, 2007 and after 2007 Trainings at National Meetings

As you can see, development of the 2007 Multiple Primaries & Histology Coding Rules was not a short term or superficial effort. In all, it will have taken four years from organizing the committee to putting the changes into practice. After the committee work was completed, all the site-specific rules as well as the general rules were thoroughly beta tested and a cadre of trainers has been trained.