ICD-O-3 Site Codes

In the second and third editions of ICD-O, cancers of the male breast are coded using the schema for tumors of the female breast.

ICD-O-3 Term
C50.0 Nipple
C50.1 Central portion of breast
C50.2 Upper-inner quadrant of breast (UIQ)
C50.3 Lower-inner quadrant of breast (LIQ)
C50.4 Upper-outer quadrant of breast (UOQ)
C50.5 Lower-outer quadrant of breast (LOQ)
C50.6 Axillary tail of breast
C50.8 Overlapping lesion of breast
C50.9 Breast, NOS (excludes Skin of breast C44.5); multi-focal neoplasm in more than one quadrant of the breast.