Neoplasm-Related Conditions

The table below lists some of the codes that listed in the ICD-10-CM index for conditions that are present in a patient who also has a malignancy. When medical coders use these codes, they are also instructed to code the underlying neoplasm if known.

ICD-10-CM Code ICD-10-CM Description
D61.82 Myelophthisis
D63.0 Anemia in neoplastic disease (C00-D49)
D64.81 Anemia due to antineoplastic chemotherapy
D72.1 Eosinophilia
D75.8 Myelofibrosis
E08 Diabetes mellitus due to underlying condition (C00-C96)
E31.2- Multiple endocrine neoplasia [MEN] syndromes
E34.0 Carcinoid syndrome (maybe used as additional code to identify functional activity of a carcinoid tumor)
E88.3 Tumor lysis syndrome (following antineoplastic chemotherapy)
G13.0 Paraneoplastic neuromyopathy and neuropathy (C00-D49)
G13.1 Other systemic atrophy primarily affecting central nervous system in neoplastic disease (C00-D49)
G32.8- Other specified degenerative disorders of nervous system in diseases classified elsewhere
G53 Cranial nerve disorders in disease classified elsewhere (C00-D49)
G55 Nerve root and plexus compression in diseases classified elsewhere (C00-D49)
G63 Polyneuropathy in disease classified elsewhere (C00-D49)
G73.1 Lambert-Eaton syndrome in neoplastic disease (C00-D49)
G89.3 Neoplasm related pain
G99.2 Myelopathy in diseases classified elsewhere (C00-D49)
H47.42 Disorders of optic chiasm in (due to) neoplasm
H47.52- Disorders of visual pathways in (due to) neoplasms
H47.63- Disorders of visual cortex in (due to) neoplasm
J91.0 Malignant pleural effusion (Code neoplasm first)
J93.12 Secondary pneumothorax (Code first neoplasm of lung)
M36.0 Dermato(poly) myositis in neoplastic disease (C00-D49)
M36.1 Arthropathy in neoplastic disease (C00-D49)
M84.5- Pathologic fracture in neoplastic disease (Code also underlying neoplasm)
M90.6- Osteitis deformans in neoplastic disease (Code neoplasm first C40.-,C41.-)
O9A.1- Malignant neoplasm complicating pregnancy, childbirth and the puerperium) C00-C96)
R18.0 Malignant ascites (Code neoplasm first)
R53.0 Neoplasm (malignant) related fatigue (Code neoplasm first)

Updated: December 3, 2018