Cancer Registry Operations & Procedures

The Cancer Registry Operations & Procedures module provides you with the basic information about how cancer registries function. You will learn about the positions available in registries and the procedures for handling the data. In this module you will learn how to:

  • Describe various cancer registry positions.
  • Explain the factors that affect registry staffing.
  • Explain why CoC-approved cancer programs must develop and maintain procedures manuals.
  • Describe how the reference date is set.
  • Define a reportable list and name the organization responsible for its development.
  • Define data standards are and explain their importance.
  • Name some of the organizations involved in determining data standards.
  • Define data sets and explain how different requirements of standard setters can affect their elements and formats.
  • Explain why standard code categories must meet multiple data goals.
  • Explain why both technical and non-technical elements must follow rules for code category assignment.
  • Describe how data edits affect the data quality.
  • Describe how code category, assignment and data editing are related to case consolidation.
  • Describe the basic data management procedures of cancer registries.