Topography Codes from ICD-O-2 and ICD-O-3

Figure 24. Groups of Topography Codes from the Second and Third Editions of ICD-O Considered a Single Site in the Definition of Multiple Cancers

Second/Third Editions
C01 Base of tongue
C02 Other and unspecified parts of tongue
C05 Palate
C06 Other and unspecified parts of mouth
C07 Parotid gland
C08 Other and unspecified major salivary glands
C09 Tonsil
C10 Oropharynx
C12 Pyriform sinus
C13 Hypopharynx
C23 Gallbladder
C24 Other and unspecified parts of biliary tract
C30 Nasal cavity and middle ear
C31 Accessory sinuses
C33 Trachea
C34 Bronchus and lung
C37 Thymus
C38.0 Heart
C38.1-3 Mediastinum
C38.8 Overlapping lesion of heart, mediastinum and pleura
C38.4 Pleura (visceral, parietal, NOS)
C51 Vulva
C52 Vagina
C57.7 Other specified female genital
C57.8-9 unspecified female genital organs
C56 Ovary
C57.0 Fallopian tube
C57.1 Broad ligament
C57.2 Round ligament
C57.3 Parametrium
C57.4 Uterine adnexa
C60 Penis
C63 Other and unspecified male genital organs
C64 Kidney
C65 Renal pelvis
C66 Ureter
C68 Other and unspecified urinary organs
C74 Adrenal gland
C75 Other endocrine glands and related structure