"Different" Malignant Neoplasms

Figure 25. Groups of Malignant Neoplasms Considered to Be Histologically "Different" for the Purpose of Defining Multiple Tumors (adapted from Berg, 1994) (24)

1. Squamous carcinomas M-805—M-808, M-812, M-813
2. Basal cell carcinomas M-809—M-811
3. Adenocarcinomas M-814, M-816, M-819—M-822, M-826—M-833
M-835—M-855, M-857, M-894
4. Other specific carcinomas M-803, M-804, M-815, M-817, M-818
M-823—M-825, M-834, M-856, M-858—M-867
5.* Unspecified carcinomas M-801, M-802
6. Sarcomas and soft tissue tumors M-868—M-871, M-880—M-892, M-899, M-904
M-912, M-913, M-915—M-925, M-937,
7. Lymphomas M-959—M-972
8. Leukemia M-980—M-994, M-995, M-996, M-998
9. Kaposi sarcoma M-914
10. Mesothelioma M-905
11. Other specified types of cancer M-872—M-879, M-893, M-895—M-898,
M-900—M-903, M-906—M-911,
M-926—M-936, M-938—M-953,
M-973—M-975, M-976
12.* Unspecified types of cancer M-800, M-997