Cancer Treatment

The Cancer Treatment module introduces you to various types of cancer diagnostic procedures and treatment modalities used in managing a patient on their cancer journey. It includes definition of terms, diagrams and videos to enhance learning and improve understanding of important concepts.

There are many inter-related activities that impact cancer treatment. It is important to discuss all these concepts here. The diagnostic tests establish the need for treatment as they determine cancer exists. Both genetic testing and NCCN guidelines help determine what treatments are appropriate based on the clinical and research evidence. While this module is about treatment, it would not be complete without addressing those concepts that are important to identifying the need for treatment and determining the most appropriate treatment options to achieve the best patient outcomes.

This learning module

  • Focuses on the various types of modalities used to treat cancer.
  • Includes links to certain terms for further information.
  • Includes links in text to coding resources.
  • Includes reference resources at the end of the module.
  • Includes diagrams and tables.
  • Includes an overview of treatment related data items.
  • Provides an overview of the different treatment modalities with common examples.

This module does not focus on codes to enter into the abstract but may in some instances discuss descriptive information.


  • Describe various types of endoscopic procedures.
  • Identify various types of primary treatments for cancer.
  • Discuss the relationship between Genetic Testing, NCCN guidelines and cancer treatment.

Updated: December 21, 2023