Nuclear Medicine & Radiation Oncology Logs

Nuclear Medicine Logs

The nuclear medicine department is another area in which casefinding should be performed. For example, treatment of thyroid cancers with radioactive isotopes is a procedure performed in the nuclear medicine department. Review of the treatment log is recommended to identify potential cases.

Radiation Oncology Logs

For a facility with a radiation oncology department, a review of the patient log helps ensure complete ascertainment of all cases. Most radiation oncology logs include a diagnosis to help in appropriate identification of cases. This log should be reviewed for new cases. It is also a good system for collecting follow-up. Some facilities send copies of consultation and treatment summary reports to registries in referring institutions. Below is an example of a radiation therapy log.

Sample Radiation Therapy Log

Radiation Therapy Log
Date Patient Diagnosis Referring Physician
xx/xx/xxxx Lname, Fname Adenocarcinoma, prostate Dr. Smith

Updated: December 12, 2023