X = complete
* = partial
o = optional
• = see note under procedure
+ = more extensive

Tissues Removed
  Segment Lobe Lung Media-stinal nodes Other Other therax Distant
Destruction of lesion
Photodynamic therapy
Local surgical excision of lesion *            
Partial/wedge/segmental resection */X            
Lingulectomy X            
Sleeve resection of bronchus X            
Partial lobectomy X *          
Lobectomy/bilobectomy without lymph node dissection   X          
Lobectomy (extended) Includes: lobectomy plus segmental/sleeve resection, radical lobectomy, partialpneumonectomy   X+<          
Lobectomy/bilobectomy with lymph node dissection; includes: lobectomy plus segmental/sleeve resection, radical lobectomy, partial pneumonectomy X+   X        
Complete/total/standard pneumonectomy Pneumonectomy, Not Otherwise Specified   X X        
Radical pneumonectomy Complete pneumonectomy plus dissection of mediastinal lymph nodes     X+ X X    
Extended radical pneumonectomy
  • includes parietal pleura, pericardium chest wall, diaphragm

Key words

Exploratory Thoracotomy

Exploratory surgical procedure in which the chest is opened to inspect the heart, lungs, and mediastinal contents. Thoracotomy does not necessarily include removal of tissue.

Mediastinotomy (also called median sternotomy or paramediansternotomy)

Surgery of distant site—for example, resection of solitary brain tumor

Endobronchial Laser Surgery

To palliate obstructing lesions