Types of Surgery: Colon

X = complete
* = partial
o = optional

Tissues Removed
  Segment Colon Lymph nodes Other Organs
Local tumor destruction without specimen
Includes cryosurgery, fulguration, laser surgery (vaporization), electrocautery
Local excision with pathologic specimen
Includes endoscopic snare, excisional laser surgery, polypectomy
Partial (subtotal) colectomy but less than hemicolectomy; includes wedge resection, segmental resection, cecectomy (cecum), transverse colectomy, sigmoidectomy (sigmoid), ileocolectomy, enterocolectomy, partial resection of a colonic flexure X * X o
Hemicolectomy but less than total colectomy total colectomy Includes colectomy (right/ascending or left/descending) from mid-transverse laterally   * X o
Total colectomy
Includes cecum through to sigmoid/rectosigmoid or part of rectum
  X X o
Colectomy, Not Otherwise Specified, NOS */X * X o
Colectomy of any type plus partial/total removal of other organs   */X X o
Surgery of regional and/or distant sites or nodes       *

Other organs include mesentery, mesocolon, peritoneum, omentum, and/or terminal ileum

The Registrar's Key to Abstracting