ICD-O-3 Site Codes

ICD-O-3 Term
C44.0 Skin of lip, NOS
C44.1 Eyelid
C44.2 External ear
C44.3 Skin of other and unspecified parts of face
C44.4 Skin of scalp and neck
C44.5 Skin of trunk
C44.6 Skin of upper limb and shoulder
C44.7 Skin of lower limb and hip
C44.8 Overlapping lesion of skin
C44.9 Skin, NOS
C51.0 Labium majus
C51.1 Labium minus
C51.2 Clitoris
C51.8 Overlapping lesion of vulva
C51.9 Vulva, NOS
C60.0 Prepuce
C60.1 Glans penis
C60.2 Body of penis
C60.8 Overlapping lesion of penis
C60.9 Penis, NOS
C63.2 Scrotum, NOS