Anatomy of the Ovaries

The ovary is a paired organ. Bilateral involvement of ovaries with the same histology is considered a single primary site.

The ovaries lie on the posterior wall of the pelvis lateral to the uterus. They are supported by the suspensory ligaments, the ovarian ligament, and the broad ligament, which also supports all of the internal female genitalia. The ovary is a gland with a detached duct (the fallopian tube), which "catches" the ovum as it is expelled from the ovary.

The fallopian tubes are a pair of slender ducts through which ova pass from the ovaries to the uterus in the female reproductive system.

Illustration of the female reproductive system

Anatomy of the Ovaries

  1. Ovary
  2. Medial surface
  3. Lateral surface
  4. Free border
  5. Mesovarial margin
  6. Tubal extremity
  7. Uterine extremity
  8. Oviduct (fallopian tube)
  1. Opening of fallopian tube
  2. Infundibulum of fallopian tube
  3. Fimbriae of fallopian tube
  4. Ovarian fimbria
  5. Ampulla of fallopian tube
  6. Isthmus of fallopian tube
  7. Uterine part of fallopian tube
  8. Uterine opening of fallopian tube