ICD-O-3 Site Codes

Related Adjectives

  • Pancreas = pancreatic, pancreatico-
  • Gallbladder = cholecysto-
  • Liver = hepatic, hepato-
  • Biliary Tract = cholangio-
  • Bile ducts = choledocho-

ICD-O-3 Codes

Liver and intrahepatic bile ducts
ICD-O-3 Term
C22.0 Liver
C22.1 Intrahepatic bile duct

ICD-O-3 Term
C23.9 Gallbladder

Other and unspecified biliary tract
ICD-O-3 Term
C24.0 Extrahepatic bile duct
C24.1 Ampulla of Vater
C24.8 Overlapping lesion of biliary tract
C24.9 Biliary tract, NOS

ICD-O-3 Term
C25.0 Head of pancreas
C25.1 Body of pancreas
C25.2 Tail of pancreas
C25.3 Pancreatic duct
C25.4 Islets of Langerhans
C25.7 Other specified parts of pancreas
C25.8 Overlapping lesion of pancreas
C25.9 Pancreas, NOS