Extent of Disease

Common Metastatic Sites

Spread Primary Site/Mets
Intracavitary Spread Pancreasdirect extension to duodenum, stomach, spleen.
Gallbladderabdominal carcinomatosis with ascites; direct extension into liver, pancreas or diaphragm
Liver—to diaphragm
Extrahepatic bile ducts—liver, pancreas, ampulla of Vater, duodenum, colon, omentum, stomach, gallbladder.
Lymphatic Spread From gallbladder peripancreatic along body and tail of pancreas.
Hematogenous Spread Pancreas—lungs, liver, bone
Gallbladder—lungs, pleura, diaphragm
Liver—lungs, bone, other organs
Bile ducts—distant metastases are unusual

Extent of Disease Evalation

(Parentheses enclose the names of the organs for which the diagnostic study is useful.)


Key words/possible involvement:
Terms which indicate possible involvement by tumor. Common terms are provided, but the list is not all-inclusive.

Other words/no involvement:
Other terms seen in reports which indicate an abnormality but do not indicate a neoplastic process. Common terms are provided, but the list is not all-inclusive.

Key Information

information to look for in the report of the study. Key information helps define the extent of disease.

Diagnostic Studies