Treatment: Surgery (Gallbladder, Extrahepatic Bile Ducts, Ampulla)

X = complete
* = partial
o = optional

Tissues Removed
Tumor Destruction Tumor Only Organ Lymph Nodes Other Organs
Local tumor destruction (with or without specimen) *        
Photodynamic therapy *        
Cryosurgery *        
Cautery, fulguration *        
Laser *        
Radiofrequency ablation *        
Alcohol (PEI) *        
Heat *  
Other (ultrasound, acetic acid)          
Partial/simple surgical removal of primary site, no lymph node dissection     x    
Total surgical removal of primary site     x    
Debulking procedure (so stated) with or without lymph node dissection x   */x o  
Radical surgery, primary site     x x o
Surgery of regional/distant sites/nodes only sites/nodes only         o