Collaborative Staging Data Items

15 items in data set

5 existing data items

  • Size, extension, node items

10 new data items

  • Metastases at diagnosis
  • 3 "method of evaluation" T - N - M
  • 6 "site specific" factors
    • Only used if required
    • Accommodates future editions of TNM
Category Standard or Site-specific
CS Tumor Size Standard with exceptions
CS Extension Site-specific
CS TS/Ext-Eval Standard
CS Lymph Nodes Site-specific
Reg LN Pos Standard
Reg LN Exam Standard
CS Reg Nodes Eval Standard
CS Mets at Dx Site-specific
CS Mets Eval Standard

Site-Specific Factors

Only as needed — Otherwise, 888 not applicable

  • SSF1
  • SSF2
  • SSF3
  • SSF4
  • SSF5
  • SSF6