Coding N Equivalent

The CS Lymph Nodes code identifies the regional lymph nodes involved with cancer at diagnosis.

This data item is used to derive the AJCC N component and stage grouping, Summary Stage 1977 and Summary Stage 2000.

Regional lymph nodes are listed for each site. Those closest to the primary site have lower codes than those farther away.

Information in the data fields "Regional Lymph Nodes Positive" and "Regional Lymph Nodes Examined" is related to this field.

View the slide that shows how the registrar uses CS to obtain the "N" in "TNM".

The CS Lymph Nodes field uses both general codes and site-specific codes.

Code Description
00 None: no regional lymph node involvement Site-Specific Codes
80 Lymph Nodes, NOS.
90 Unknown; regional lymph nodes cannot be assessed; not stated in the patient record.

View General Rules for Coding CS Lymph Nodes.