Evaluation Fields of CS

The Collaborative Staging System incorporates four data items (size, ext., nodes, mets) which record how the codes were determined based on the diagnostic methods employed—not just the stage group.

The CS method of evaluation data items are the CS Tumor/Extension Evaluation code for tumor (T); the CS Lymph Node Evaluation code for lymph nodes (N), and the CS Mets Eval code for the distant metastasis at diagnosis (M). Each is a one-character code with coding instructions described in the Collaborative Staging Manual.

This field is used primarily to describe whether the staging basis for the T, N, and M in the TNM system is clinical or pathological.

The evaluation fields also identify cases with pre-operative treatment and explain why and when clinical information was used in place of pathologic information. The evaluation fields allow for mixed staging; for example, pT3 cN0 cM0 cTX pN1 cM0.

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