Coding CS Site-Specific Factors

These six data fields identify prognostic factors that have an effect on stage. They are:

  • CS Site-Specific Factor 1
  • CS Site-Specific Factor 2
  • CS Site-Specific Factor 3
  • CS Site-Specific Factor 4
  • CS Site-Specific Factor 5
  • CS Site-Specific Factor 6
Code Description
000 None
Site-Specific Codes
Code Description
999 Unknown; [site-specific title] cannot be assessed; Not documented in patient record.

For schemes which do not use this site-specific factor:

Code Description
888 Not applicable for this site.

Site-specific factors replace existing "tumor marker" fields and are necessary for AJCC TNM (6th Ed.) They are only used for certain sites, for instance breast to record Estrogen Receptor Assay (ERA) and Progesterone Receptor Assay (PRA).

Instructions for Coding

  1. If there is no site-specific factor for a scheme, code 888.
  2. Refer to the list of primary sites that use each site-specific factor, 1 through 6, to code information. See the site-specific scheme for acceptable codes and their definitions.

Click here to see the Site-Specific Factors Used For Primary Site/Histology Schemes.