General Rules

Coding Regional Lymph Nodes Examined

This data item is used to derive the AJCC N component and stage grouping.

  1. Record information about only regional lymph nodes in this field. Distant nodes are coded in the "CS Mets at Dx" field.
  2. Record the total number of regional lymph nodes removed and examined by the pathologist, cumulative from all lymph node removal procedures through the completion of surgeries in the first course of treatment.
  3. This field is based on pathology information only. If no lymph nodes were removed for examination, or if a lymph node drainage area was removed but no lymph nodes found, code as 00.
  4. If a lymph node biopsy was performed, code the number of nodes removed, if known. If the number of LNs removed by biopsy is not known, use code 96.
  5. Use code 99 for primary sites Placenta, Brain, Cerebral Meninges, Lymphoma, Hematopoietic, Reticuloendothelial, Immunoproliferative and Myeloproliferative, Ill-defined Sites and Unknown Primary neoplasms.
  6. No change from current SEER codes or rules.
  7. Count total regional nodes removed and examined by pathologist
  8. Cumulative through all first course procedures.
  9. If no nodes examined, code as 00.
  10. If no nodes in specimen, code as 00.
  11. Aspiration of regional LN is coded to 95.
  12. Any combination of positive aspirated, biopsied, sampled or dissected nodes is coded to 98.
  13. Do not count distant nodes.