Generic Terms

Although these generic terms are not "good" diagnoses according to the pathologists, they are quite prevalent on cytology reports and death certificates, so we needed a place for them in ICD-O-3.

Stem cell leukemia had a code in ICD-O-1 and it has been returned to ICD-O-3.

NOS = Not Otherwise Specified

Code Description
8046/3 Non-small cell carcinoma, NOS
8935/3 Stromal sarcoma, NOS
9473/3 PNET, NOS
9591/3 B-cell lymphoma, NOS
9702/3 T-cell lymphoma, NOS
9801/3 Stem cell leukemia
9860/3 Non-lymphocytic leukemia, NOS

It is hoped (and suggested) that these codes will be used to mark cases for more in-depth analysis later to find a more precise diagnosis.