Renal Terms

Several subtypes of kidney cancer have also been reported in the Mainz classification of renal tumors (PDF). Note (see below) that the NOS term, 8312/3 Renal cell carcinoma, NOS, is actually a higher number than one of the subtypes. This is an exception to the convention that subtypes generally have a higher number than the NOS term. Note also that "papillary renal cell carcinoma" is a synonym for "papillary adenocarcinoma" (8260/3).

Code Description
8260/3 Papillary renal cell carcinoma
8312/3 Renal cell carcinoma, NOS]

The following renal cell carcinoma diagnoses are new terms with new codes:

Code Description
8316/3 Cyst-associated renal cell carcinoma
8317/3 Chromophobe type renal cell carcinoma
8318/3 Sarcomatoid renal cell carcinoma
Spindle cell renal carcinoma