Terms Requiring Review

A few terms that are being split apart will require review.

Code Description
8580/0 Thymoma, NOS (to 8580/1)
8580/3 Thymic carcinoma (to 8586/3)
8930/3 Stromal sarcoma (to 8935/3)
9190/3 Juxtacortical osteosarcoma (to 9192/3)
9190/3 Parosteal osteosarcoma (to 9192/3)
9731/3 Extramedullary plasmacytoma (to 9734/3)
9960/1 Myeloproliferative disease [obs] (to 9975/1)

We looked at SEER data from 1992-1996 representing 15% of the US population. We couldn't assess the impact of splitting Thymoma, NOS from benign thymoma because SEER does not collect /0 and /1.

Thymic carcinoma moves to a new number discrete from malignant thymoma. There were 288 cases in the SEER database.

Stromal sarcomas can be reviewed by site, since they were split out from endometrial stromal sarcoma.

Splitting out the parosteal and juxtacortical osteosarcomas will require review of 46 cases in SEER areas.

Extramedullary (non-marrow) plasmacytomas comprise 333 cases out of 522 plasmacytomas in our series.

Because we haven't collected myeloproliferative disease to this point, we can't estimate the burden of reviewing myeloproliferative disease, NOS, an obsolete term ("[obs]"), and moving it to a new /1 code while chronic myeloproliferative disorder/disease remains at the current code and becomes /3.