ICD-O-3 Site Codes

Spread Primary Site/Mets
Esophagus esophageal, esophago-
Stomach gastric, gastro-
Small intestine small bowel, entero-, duodeno-, jejuno-, ileo-
Esophagus, stomach and small intestine upper gastrointestinal (UGI), esophagogastroduodeno-

ICD-O Codes

ICD-O-2/3 Codes ICD-O-2/3 Term
C15.0 Cervical esophagus
C15.1 Thoracic esophagus
C15.2 Abdominal esophagus
C15.3 Upper third of esophagus
C15.4 Middle third of esophagus
C15.5 Lower third of esophagus
C15.8 Overlapping lesion of esophagus
C15.9 Esophagus, NOS

ICD-O-2/3 Codes ICD-O-2/3 Term
C16.0 Cardia, NOS
C16.1 Fundus of stomach
C16.2 Body of stomach
C16.3 Gastric antrum
C16.4 Pylorus
C16.5 Lesser curvature of stomach, NOS
(not classifiable to C16.1 to C16.4)
C16.6 Greater curvature of stomach, NOS
(not classifiable to C16.0 to C16.4)
C16.8 Overlapping lesion of stomach
C16.9 Stomach, NOS

Small Intestine
ICD-O-2/3 Codes ICD-O-2/3 Term
C17.0 Duodenum
C17.1 Jejunum
C17.2 Ileum (excludes Ileocecal valve C18.0)
C17.3 Meckel diverticulum (site of neoplasm)
C17.8 Overlapping lesion of small intestine
C17.9 Small intestine, NOS