Five-Year Survival Rates

(from the National Cancer Institute's Physician Data Query system, July 2002)

Prognosis and survival correlate with stage and histologic grade. Most metastases (90%) appear within 50 months of diagnosis, and 50% of those appear within 12 months after diagnosis.

Recurrence is greater in cases that were less differentiated, large, multiple, or associated with carcinoma in situ elsewhere in the bladder at the time of diagnosis.

Stage Survival Rate
Stage 0 92%
Stage I 80% (Jewett Stage A)
Stage II 65% (Jewett Stage B1)
Stage III 40% (Jewett Stage B2)
Stage III 35% (Jewett Stage C)
Stage IV < 5% (Jewett Stage D1)
Stage IV < 2% (Jewett Stage D2)