ICD-O-3 Site Codes

Cancers of head and neck sites include many cell types, signs, symptoms, and prognoses, but they are generally diagnosed and treated in a similar fashion. This chapter discusses all head and neck sites with the exception of the malignancies of the central nervous system and the senses (eye and ear). For reporting purposes, head and neck cancers in ICD-O-3 code range C00.0 to C14.8 are often grouped together, while the paranasal sinuses and nasal cavity are grouped with the respiratory organs, and the thyroid gland is reported separately.

Related Terms and Adjectives

Site Related Term(s)
Lip Labio-, labial, vermillion border
Tongue Glosso-, lingual, lallio-
Anterior 2/3 of tongue Mobile tongue, anterior tongue
Base (tongue) Root (tongue)
Gum Gingival, alveolar, periodontal
Palate Palato-, roof of mouth
Cheek (inside) Buccal, interal cheek
Vestibule Sulcus (pocket or space between lip and gum)
Retromolar area Retromolar angle, retromolar trigone
Mouth Oral cavity, oral mucosa, buccal cavity
Pharynx Pharyngeal, pharyngo-
Oropharynx Oropharyngeal, mesopharynx, fauces
Nasopharynx Nasopharyngeal
Hypopharynx Laryngopharynx
Adenoid Pharyngeal tonsil, posterior wall of nasopharynx
Anterior wall of nasopharynx Pharyngeal fornix, choana, posterior wall of nasal septum
Larynx Laryngeal, laryngo-, glottic
True vocal cord Vocal cord, true cord, vocal fold
False vocal cord Vestibular fold
Tonsil Palatine, faucial
Tonsillar pillar Palatoglossal arch, glossopalatal arch, faucial pillar
Salivary gland Sialo-
Submandibular (gland) Submaxillary (gland)
Cricopharynx Cricoid
Pharyngoesophagus Postcricoid
Arytenoid epiglottis Aryepiglottic
Aryepiglottic fold Arytenoid fold, arytenoid
Thyroid Thyro-, isthmus, isthm-
Regional lymph nodes See Major Lymph Node Chains of Head page for synonymous words

ICD-O-3 Codes

ICD-O-3 Term
C00.0 External upper lip
C00.1 External lower lip
C00.2 External lip, NOS
C00.3 Mucosa of upper lip
C00.4 Mucosa of lower lip
C00.5 Mucosa of lip, NOS
C00.6 Commissure of lip
C00.8 Overlapping lesion of lip
C00.9 Lip, NOS (excludes Skin of lip C44.0)

Base of tongue
ICD-O-3 Term
C01.9 Base of tongue, NOS

Other and unspecified parts of tongue
ICD-O-3 Term
C02.0 Dorsal surface of tongue, NOS
C02.1 Border of tongue
C02.2 Ventral surface of tongue, NOS
C02.3 Anterior 2/3 of tongue, NOS
C02.4 Lingual tonsil
C02.8 Overlapping lesion of tongue
C02.9 Tongue, NOS

ICD-O-3 Term
C03.0 Upper gum
C03.1 Lower gum
C03.9 Gum, NOS

Floor of mouth
ICD-O-3 Term
C04.0 Anterior floor of mouth
C04.1 Lateral floor of mouth
C04.8 Overlapping lesion of floor of mouth
C04.9 Floor of mouth, NOS

ICD-O-3 Term
C05.0 Hard palate
C05.1 Soft palate, NOS (excludes Nasopharyngeal surface of soft palate C11.3)
C05.2 Uvula
C05.8 Overlapping lesion of palate
C05.9 Palate, NOS

Other and unspecified parts of mouth
ICD-O-3 Term
C06.0 Cheek mucosa
C06.1 Vestibule of mouth
C06.2 Retromolar area
C06.8 Overlapping lesion of other and unspecified parts of mouth
C06.9 Mouth, NOS

Parotid gland
ICD-O-3 Term
C07.9 *Parotid gland

Other and unspecified major salivary gland
ICD-O-3 Term
C08.0 *Submandibular gland
C08.1 *Sublingual gland
C08.8 Overlapping lesion of major salivary glands
C08.9 *Major salivary gland, NOS (excludes minor salivary gland, NOS C06.9)

ICD-O-3 Term
C09.0 *Tonsillar fossa
C09.1 *Tonsillar pillar
C09.8 Overlapping lesion of tonsil
C09.9 *Tonsil, NOS (excludes lingual tonsil C02.4 and pharyngeal tonsil C11.1)

ICD-O-3 Term
C10.0 Vallecula
C10.1 Anterior surface of epiglottis
C10.2 Lateral wall of oropharynx
C10.3 Posterior wall of oropharynx
C10.4 Branchial cleft (site of neoplasm)
C10.8 Overlapping lesion of oropharynx
C10.9 Oropharynx, NOS

ICD-O-3 Term
C11.0 Superior wall of nasopharynx
C11.1 Posterior wall of nasopharynx
C11.2 Lateral wall of nasopharynx
C11.3 Anterior wall of nasopharynx
C11.8 Overlapping lesion of nasopharynx
C11.9 Nasopharynx, NOS

Pyriform sinus
ICD-O-3 Term
C12.9 Pyriform sinus

ICD-O-3 Term
C13.0 Postcricoid region
C13.1 Hypopharyngeal aspect of aryepiglottic fold, NOS (excludes laryngeal aspect of aryepiglottic fold C32.1)
C13.2 Posterior wall of hypopharynx
C13.8 Overlapping lesion of hypopharynx
C13.9 Hypopharynx, NOS

Other and ill-defined sites in lip, oral cavity and pharynx
ICD-O-3 Term
C14.0 Pharynx, NOS
C14.2 Waldeyer's ring
C14.8 Overlapping lesion of lip, oral cavity and pharynx

Nasal cavity and middle ear
ICD-O-3 Term
C30.0 *Nasal cavity (excludes Nose, NOS C76.0)
C30.1 Middle ear

Accessory sinuses
ICD-O-3 Term
C31.0 *Maxillary sinus
C31.1 Ethmoid sinus
C31.2 *Frontal sinus
C31.3 Sphenoid sinus
C31.8 Overlapping lesion of accessory sinuses
C31.9 Accessory sinus, NOS

ICD-O-3 Term
C32.0 Glottis
C32.1 Supraglottis
C32.2 Subglottis
C32.3 Laryngeal cartilage
C32.8 Overlapping lesion of larynx
C32.9 Larynx, NOS

Thyroid gland
ICD-O-3 Term
C73.9 Thyroid gland

* Specific sub sites of these organs which are considered lateral sites are indicated with an asterisk (*).