Common Methods
from Manual of Clinical Oncology

Early lesions are commonly T1 and T2 with negative nodes; advanced lesions are T3 and T4, or any tumor with positive regional lymph nodes.

R = radiation therapy
S = Surgery
C = Chemotherapy
/ = a choice of treatments (preferred modality is first)
( ) = a lesser therapeutic alternative

Primary Early Advanced
Lip R/S S/R

Oral Cavity
Primary Early Advanced
Oral tongue S/R S+R
Floor of mouth S/R S+R
Gingiva S S+R
Hard Palate S S+R
Buccal mucosa S/R S+R
Retromolar trigone S S+R

Primary Early Advanced
Soft palate R R/chmo+S
Tonsillar fossa S/R S+R
Anterior tonsillar pillar S/R S+R
Pharyngeal tongue S/R R/chmo+S
Pharyngeal wall R S+R

Primary Early Advanced
Pyriform sinus S/R/C R or S/R/C
Posterior pharynx R/C R/S/C

Primary Early Advanced
Glottic (vocal cord) R/(S) S+R/C
Supraglottic R/(S) S+R/C
Subglottic S/R S+R/C

Primary Early Advanced
Nasopharynx R/C R/C

Paranasal sinuses
Primary Early Advanced
Nasal cavity S/R/C S+R
Nasal vestibule R/(S)/C R
Ethmoid sinus S+R/C S+R
Frontal and sphenoid sinuses R/S/C R
Maxillary antrum S/R/C S+R±C

Salivary glands
Primary Early Advanced
Parotid gland S±R S±R
Submandibular gland S, S+R S+R

Thyroid gland
Primary Early Advanced
Thyroid gland S S+R (ablation)