Surgery: Larynx

X = complete
* = partial
o = optional

Tissues Removed
Types of Surgery Tumor Destruction Tumor Only Organ Lymph Nodes Other Organs
Local tumor desctuction */X        
Photodynamic therapy */X        
Electrocautery */X        
Fulguration */X        
Cryosurgery */X        
Laser ablation */X        
Stripping */X        
Laser excision (with specimen)   */X      
Polypectomy   X      
Excisional biopsy   X X    
Partial excision     *    
Subtotal laryngectomy     *    
Partial laryngectomy     *    
Hemilaryngectomy     *    
Vertical laryngectomy     *    
Anterior commissure laryngectomy     *    
Supraglottic laryngectomy     *    
Total laryngectomy     X    
Radical laryngectomy     X    
Pharyngolaryngectomy     X   X
Laryngectomy, NOS     X    
Radical neck dissection       X  
Surgery of regional/distant sites/nodes only       ° X/*