Lobes of the Prostate

The prostate is divided into several lobes.

Anterior Lobe

The anterior lobe is used to describe the anterior portion of the gland lying in front of the urethra. It is devoid of glandular tissue being formed completely of fibromuscular tissue.

Median Lobe

The median lobe is a cone-shaped portion of the gland situated between the two ejaculatory ducts and the urethra.

Illustration of the lobes of the prostate.

Lateral Lobes

The lateral lobes (right and left lobes) form the main mass of the gland and are continuous posteriorly. They are separated by the prostatic urethra.

Posterior Lobe

The posterior lobe is used by some to describe the postero-medial part of the lateral lobes that can be palpated through the rectum during digital rectal exam (DRE).