Lymph Nodes of the Female Pelvis

Illustration of the female pelvis showing the positions of the lymph nodes

Internal Iliac Nodes

  1. Superior gluteal
  2. Inferior gluteal
  3. Sacral

Perivesical Lymph Nodes

  1. Prevesicular
  2. Postvesicular
  3. Lateral vesicular
  4. Parauterine
  5. Paravaginal
  6. Anorectal (pararectal)

Regional lymph nodes for the cervix include: paracervical, parametrial, presacral, sacral, external iliac, common iliac, hypogastric (obturator), internal iliac.

The status of the paraaortic nodes is more important than the status of pelvic nodes in evaluating locally advanced cervical cancer. Positive paraaortic nodes are M1 (Stage IV).