ICD-O-3 Site Codes

Related Adjectives

Corpus Uteri = uterus, corpus, corpus uterus, uterine body, utero-, endometrio-, uterine

Placenta = products of conception, fetal membranes; also referred to as gestational trophoblastic tumor (GTT)

In ICD-O-3, sub sites within the body of the uterus have been assigned separate codes at the decimal level. The default code for cases coded in ICD-O first edition and converted electronically is C54.9. If more specific coding is desired, the text describing the primary site should be reviewed to assign the case to endometrium (C54.1) or another sub site.

Illustration of the female reproductive organs and the ICD-O-3 sites
Corpus Uteri
ICD-O-3 Term
C54.0 Isthmus uteri
C54.1 Endometrium
C54.2 Myometrium
C54.3 Fundus uteri
C54.8 Overlapping lesion of corpus uteri
C54.9 Corpus uteri

Uterus, NOS
ICD-O-3 Term
C55.9 Uterus, NOS

ICD-O-3 Term
C58.9 Placenta