Tumor Markers

Key Information

Prognostic (what treatment to use if the tumor should recur)

DNA Studies

  • C-myc DNA Amplification
    Juxtaposition of this chromosome with a heavy chain immunoglobulin occurs frequently in Burkitt lymphoma and other B-cell lymphomas, as well as breast cancer and acute lymphoblalstic leukemia.
  • bcl-2 Oncogene Analysis
    Diagnostic method to differentiate B-cell and follicular types of lymphomas
  • Beta-2M (ß-2 Microglobulin)
    Elevated levels present in lymphoproliferative disorders
  • TDT (Terminal-Deoxynucleotidal Transferase)
    Differentiates lymphoblastic lymphomas from other non-Hodgkin lymphomas
  • Ferritin
    Elevated levels present in lymphoproliferative disease; may indicate Hodgkin lymphoma or leukemia

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