Abdominal Lymph Nodes

Visceral Nodes of the Abdominal Cavity

  1. Celiac
  2. Gastric (right and left)
  3. Lymphatic anulus of heart (cardioesophageal)
  4. Gastroomental (right and left) (gastroepiploic)
Numbered illustration of the visceral lymph nodes of the abdominal cavity

Pyloric Lymph Nodes

  1. Suprapyloric
  2. Subpyloric
  3. Retropyloric

Pancreatic Lymph Nodes

  1. Superior pancreatic
  2. Inferior pancreatic
  3. Splenic (Lienal)

Pancreaticoduodenal Lymph Nodes

  1. Superior pancreaticoduodenal
  2. Inferior pancreaticodoudenal

Hepatic Lymph Nodes

  1. Cystic
  2. Foraminal (foramen of Winslow)