Rye Classification for Hodgkin Disease

Developed by Lukes and Butler; modified and presented at a conference in Rye, New York in 1966. This system found that the different cellular subtypes had different prognoses:

Prognosis Classification Histologic Features
Most favorable Lymphocyte predominant 96513 (NOS), 96583 (diffuse), 96513 (nodular)
Favorable Nodular sclerosis 96633 (NOS), 96643 (cellular phase) also: 96653 (HD NS, lymphocyte predominance) 96653 (HD NS mixed cellularity), 96673 (HD NS, lymphocytic depletion)
Guarded Mixed cellularity 96523 (NOS)
Least favorable Lymphocyte depletion 96533 (NOS) 96543 (diffuse fibrosis), 96553 (reticular)

Reed-Sternberg cells are diagnostic of Hodgkin disease because of their specific morphologic characteristics.