Additional Lymph Node Chains

Additional Lymph Nodes Chains Not Shown in Illustration

  • Anorectal
  • Common bile duct
  • Delphian
  • Gastrohepatic
  • Gastropancreatic
  • Infundibulopelvic
  • Middle hemorrhoidal
  • Pancreaticolienal
  • Pelvic, NOS
  • Pericholedochal
  • Periduodenal
  • Renal hilar
  • Suprahyoid

Lymph nodes appropriate to the primary site: bone, soft tissues, skin carcinoma, skin melanoma, sarcoma

No regional lymph nodes: brain, spinal cord, bone marrow, cartilage

Directional Terminology: peri = para; posterior = retro; anterior = pre; sub = infra

Visceral: adjacent to an organ, or central within a body cavity
Examples of visceral lymph chains: mediastinal, hilar, gastric, hepatic, mesenteric

Parietal: near the walls of a body cavity
Examples of parietal lymph chains: internal mammary, phrenic, aortic, iliac

Supraclavicular nodes: transverse cervical chain with lowest nodes of upper deep jugular and spinal accessory chains; also called scalene Retroperitoneal nodes: para-aortic, iliac and sacral lymph chains.