Lymph Nodes of Pelvis

Parietal Nodes of the Pelvis

Numbered illustration of the common and external iliac lymph nodes in the female pelvis

Common Iliac Lymph Nodes

  1. Medial common iliac
  2. Intermediate common iliac
  3. Lateral common iliac
  4. Subaortic common iliac
  5. Common iliac nodes of promontory

External Iliac Lymph Nodes

  1. Medial external iliac
  2. Intermediate external iliac
  3. Lateral external iliac
  4. Medial lacunar (femoral)
  5. Intermediate lacunar (femoral)
  6. Lateral lacunar (femoral)
  7. Interiliac external iliac
  8. Obturator (external iliac obturatory)