Myeloid Neoplasms

WHO Classification of Hematopoietic & Lymphoid Neoplasms with ICD-O-3 Codes

NOTE: Only major disease categories are listed.
{} indicates an alternative description of the neoplasm

Myeloproliferative diseases
ICD-O-3 WHO Term
9875/3 Chronic myelogenous leukemia, Philadelphia chromosome positive
{t(9;22)(q34;q11)}, {BCR/ABL}
9963/3 Chronic neutrophilic leukemia
9964/3 Chronic eosinophilic leukemia/hypereosinophilic syndrome
9961/3 Chronic idiopathic myelofibrosis
9950/3 Polycythemia vera
9962/3 Essential thrombocythemia
9975/1 Myeloproliferative disease, unclassifiable

Myelodysplastic/myeloproliferative diseases
ICD-O-3 WHO Term
9945/3 Chronic myelomonocytic leukemia
9876/3 Atypical chronic myelogenous leukemia
9946/3 Juvenile myelomonocytic leukemia

Myelodysplastic syndromes
ICD-O-3 WHO Term
9980/3 Refractory anemia
9982/3 With ringed sideroblasts
9980/3 Without ringed sideroblasts
9985/3 Refractory cytopenia (myelodysplastic syndrome) with multilineaage dysplasia
9983/3 Refractory anemia (myelodysplastic syndrome) with excess blasts
9986/3 5q- (5q deletion) syndrome
9989/3 Myelodysplastic syndrome, unclassifiable

Acute myeloid leukemias (AMLs)
ICD-O-3 WHO Term
AMLs with recurrent cytogenetic translacations
9896/3 AML with {t(8;21)(q22;q22)}, {AML1(CBF-alpha)/ETO}
9866/3 Acute promyelocytic leukemia {AML with with t(15;17)
(q22;q11-12} and variants, {PML/RAR-alpha}
9871/3 AML with abnormal bone marrow eosinophils {inv(16) (p13q22)} or {t(16;16)(p13;q11)}, {CBFb/MYH11}
9897/3 AML with 11q23 abnormalities {MLL}
9895/3 AML with multilineage dysplasia
9895/3 With prior myelodysplasic syndrome
9895/3 Without prior myelodysplastic syndrome
9920/3 AML and myelodysplastic syndromes, therapy-related
9920/3 Alkylating agent-related
9920/3 Epipodophyllotoxin-related (some may be lymphoid)
9920/3 Other types
9861/3 AML not otherwise categoriezed
9872/3 AML minimally differentiated
9873/3 AML without maturation
9874/3 AML with maturation
9867/3 Acute myelomonocytic leukemia
9891/3 Acute monocytic leukemia
9840/3 Acute erythroid leukemia
9910/3 Acute megakaryocytic leukemia
9870/3 Acute basophilic leukemia
9931/3 Acute panmyelosis with myelofibrosis
9805/3 Acute biphenotypic leukemias